Key Personnel

William (Bill) Potts – President

Bill PottsBill is responsible for Project Management planning and scheduling as related to Engineering and Staff Augmentation contracts.

Bill hassignificant experience (32 years) as Director of Engineering, Project Manager, and Facilities Engineer, Engineering Manager, Operations Manager, Maintenance Supervisor and Industrial Electrician. He has developed valuable technical and personnel skills as well as management experience in union, non-union and professional arenas. As a goal oriented team player, he is self motivated, hard working, dedicated and honest professional with ability to initiate, facilitate, implement and complete objectives.

Bill’s experience has included the oversight of projects with engineering costs from $100,000 to $4 million. Additionally, Bill has held both technical and managerial roles in the areas of radiological design and development, radiological system design projects, as well as industrial projects in the manufacturing and utility power environments.

Previously, Bill has been responsible for the management of a multi-discipline engineering company. He reported directly to the company president in regards to project status, cost performance, resource utilization and earned value projections. As the Engineering Director, Bill was in charge of three offices nationwide, six engineering managers, 120 engineers, designers, drafting personnel, scheduling and clerical support. His organization provided engineering services to a wide variety of industrial clients with engineering budgets of $20k to $20 m. Bill was responsible for overall department performance on projects with capital costs of up to $100M. Traditional management tools and techniques were used to establish baseline budgets, schedules and performance measures. Major industrial clients were United States Steel, Mittal Steel, and Electrical Utilities. A specialized area of expertise was in the iron making processes including blast furnace rebuilds, stove rebuilds and new equipment designs.

Bill’s past and present experience supports the wide variety of responsibilities that he maintains here at InTomes as he manages day-to-day operations related to current contracts. Bill supports all operating facilities needs, including processes related to buildings and grounds, electrical power, emergency standby systems, compressed air, cooling water, steam, potable water, and sewage treatment plant operations. Direct reporting responsibilities vary by contract and include: clerical, technical, engineers in multiple disciplines (Electrical, Mechanical, Structural, and Civil) and process control. Additionally, Bill has extensive experience in the area of Decontamination & Decommissioning of nuclear facilities having been responsible for removing contaminated equipment and material, overseeing safe packaging, handling, storage, tracking and shipment of radiological, hazardous & mixed waste generated during the decommissioning activities.

In addition, Bill was an active leader in the Boy Scouts of America for eight years. While his son was with the scouts Bill lead camping groups one weekend a month which included becoming experts in cold weather winter camping in upstate New York. His hobbies also include, boating, fishing, swimming, cross country skiing, snow shoeing, well most things outdoors.